Team Members: How Do I?

This page is dedicated to our AWETeam members that are trying to get themselves set up on our team page and become an active member for the Art Walk Etsy Team.

The primary goal of this Art Walk Etsy Team (AWETeam) is to celebrate Art that is for sale by Etsy shops over the First Friday Art Walk Weekend.

Here are the 2013 dates:
January 4-6
February 1-3
March 1-3

April 5-7
May 3-5
June 7-9
July 5-7
August 2-4
September 6-8
October 4-6
November 1-3
December 6-8

The actual "event" is a blog hop style event that goes live on the first Friday of every month.
There are three posts for the First Friday Art Walk Event:
~AWETeam Members
~Location Based Teams
~Theme Based Teams

The month leading up to First Friday is when all the behind the scenes team activity happens.
Make sure you have your items added to the team event thread as early as possible to be included in on the monthly promotions that happen, especially the week leading up to First Friday.

After you have joined the AWETeam, there are a few things you should do immediately:
1. Update a few of your shop items with our team tag: aweteam (no spaces, capitalization does not matter). *Best to choose items that can be renewed or that might be seasonally trending.
2. Join the "Welcome 2013 AWETeam Members" thread by adding your shop info, a sample of your work, and all of your social media links and tags.
3. Look for the current upcoming First Friday Art Walk Event thread at the top of the discussion boards and follow the directions to add 4 items from your shop. *This is something you will need to do every month.
4. Participate in a few of the "other activities for the team" below.

1. DISCUSSION THREADS are set up so that you can add items from your shops into categories by color, theme, gift guide, occasions, holidays, etc.

2. TREASURIES are curated by team members. 
~Please tag your team treasury with the tag AWETEAM so it shows up in our searches.
~Please notify the people in your treasury that you have included them, and ask for them to visit, favorite, comment and share socially if they can.
~Add your treasury into the treasury discussion thread. Make sure to mark it as "Team" or "non-team" to help us find team treasuries faster.

3. PINTEREST First Friday Etsy Team page, full of boards is something new for 2013.
If you are on Pinterest, and would like to have an AWETeam board dedicated to your shop, you will need to request one from the team captain or leaders on the Pinterest discussion thread

There are many other First Friday Etsy Team Pinterest boards that we need contributing Pinners to add to, so if you are interested, please add the names of the boards you would like to be added to.

To find items from our team members to put onto our Team Pinterest Boards, you can search the discussion threads OR check out our AWETEam Member Shops page here on this blog.

*Please note that when you are pinning an item directly from Etsy, that you should backspace over the price to make the diagonal price disappear from the pin.

*Ideas for new team boards are welcome! Please add your thoughts into the Pinterest discussion thread.

We have a private team discussion thread for your to add your shop Etsy mini. We check posts regularly and will copy and paste your shop Etsy mini into the AWETeam Member Shops Page here on this blog as long as your Etsy mini is created within our parameters. Then your 10 most recently listed items will be visible here on the blog.

Here is how you create your Etsy mini and what our team parameters are:
From "Your Shop" in the upper right most menu.
Scroll down and look at your left side bar for Etsy Mini under the "Promote" section.
~Items from my shop
~5 Columns, 2 Rows

Copy the html code in the box when you are done, and past it into the private team thread for "Add your Etsy Mini" on the team discussion boards.

The AWETeam has many social media outlets for you to follow, interact with, and to possibly help out with.

If you want to have have a discussion with First Friday Etsy/AWETeam in social media please use:

If you want to tag your social media item to be associated with First Friday Etsy/AWETeam in social media, please use:

April 24, 2013: MORE TO COME...
Please see the "About Page" for more detailed information for getting your team involved, how to run a promotion for First Friday, etc.