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First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com

First Friday Art Walk On Etsy.com  (Logo designed by Elizabeth Worsley)

This monthly event is hosted by the AWETeam.
The Art Walk Etsy Team.

Want the quick explanation?
See THIS post.


First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com is a virtual "Art Walk" of Etsy.com shops and their handmade and art related items. The term "Art" is open to interpretation for this event. We are not into policing what is considered art. If you are on Etsy.com selling your work, and you feel it qualifies as art or handmade awesome, or really great supplies for making more handmade work, etc, please join in with the fun of this monthly blog hop event! JOIN THE AWETEAM

The First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com is hosted monthly by the AWETeam (The Art Walk Etsy Team). Our Team is based on a group of artists wanting to get together to promote their work through various Etsy.com marketing tools (treasuries, circles, hearts, etc) and through social media outlets (blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Want to see traditionally what an Art Walk is? Check out Wikipedia for Art Walk.

This First Friday Art Walk Team was started in September 2009 by Sarah Nolt and Valerie Glodzik.

With life constantly changing, there have been leadership and membership transitions over the years.
And with changes in technology and how most people communicate through social media and with their hand held computer devices, we are changing things up for 2013.

The goal of First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com is to give people around the world a date and a place to go to virtually "Art Walk" new items that can be found on Etsy.com from:
1. AWETeam members
2. Etsy.com Location based teams
3. Etsy.com Theme based teams


The First Friday Art Walk Weekend happens here, on the AWETeam Blog.
There will be one main blog post* with links to treasuries and the official team "Event" post.
*As of July 2013 we are going from three blog posts down to one. Location Teams and Theme Teams are asked to add their team URL for their First Friday Art Walk discussion thread to the AWETeam "event" thread. Then there will be one main thread to click through for all of the art walks.

Here are the 2013 First Friday Art Walk Weekend Dates:
January 4-6
February 1-3
March 1-3
April 5-7
May 3-5
June 7-9
July 5-7
August 2-4
September 6-8
October 4-6
November 1-3
December 6-8


In 2011 as we were trying out some different formats for the team, it was decided that we would change from First Friday Art Walk to First Friday Art Walk Weekend simply because:
~ People should be out locally checking out live First Friday Art Walks to support their local art scene.
~ Since this is a team event is a "global event", and some shops like to run special sales or promotions for this event, why not give a whole weekend to it so things could be more laid back and people could enjoy the art walk as time allowed.


If you are an individual shop owner or a team leader looking to get your team involved by creating a First Friday Art Walk thread on your team to link to the AWETeam, join the AWETeam.

We have reorganized our AWETeam discussion board over on Etsy.com in 2013 to allow you to:
1. Introduce yourself in the Welcome 2013 AWETeam Members Thread.
This yearly thread will allow us to keep membership updated with who is involved on a regular basis.
Add all of your social media outlets here, and follow ours!

2. Add up to 4 of your shop items to our monthly "First Friday Art Walk Event Thread" which will be used to promote the AWETeam members on our Individual Members Event Blog Post.

3. Add items from your shop into our color and theme based discussion threads so any of our team members that like to create treasuries can easily find items from active members and so we can pin your items to our FirstFridayEtsy Pinterest Board.
~Use of our AWETeam team tag on your items will also allow items to be found through searches, but updating tags is currently a cumbersome thing to do.
~Tagging is important for Search, but listing a few of your items is a bit more direct for our team members use. Please do tag a few of your listings with the team tag. But you don't have to tag everything in your shop!

4. Get involved on the Team Chat and Treasuries Threads.
~Check in once in a while on the Chat thread to catch up with team members, ask questions, and see what is going on with the team.

~Click and comment on treasuries listed in the Treasuries thread.
If you create an AWETeam treasury, we ask that you tag the treasury with our AWETeam tag and list it in the Treasury Thread and label it as a "Team Treasury".

Non-team treasuries, that include items from your shop (as an AWETeam member) are welcome in that thread too, but we ask that they be labeled as "non-team". And we ask that if you are listing links to treasuries you are included in, that you give the courtesy of clicking and commenting on a few other treasuries in the discussion thread so you are helping to support your fellow team members and becoming an active part of the team.

The treasury "team" and "non-team" thread labeling simply helps our team members that want to quick find and promote "AWETeam Member Treasuries" through our team social media outlets.

5. Help promote the upcoming First Friday Art Walk event and treasuries through your social media outlets. The week leading up to First Friday has traditionally been the busiest promotional week to get people excited about the Art Walk Weekend coming up!

Also, like and communicate with us through our social media outlets:

6. Add a team logo button to your blog sidebar and blog posts about First Friday Art Walk (see below).

Not into being part of teams?

Want to still show off some of your work with minimal effort?
Tag a few of your items with FirstFridayArtWalk and those items will show up in an Etsy search for FirstFridayArtWalk (all one word).


Location Based Teams and Theme Based Teams are welcome to join in by creating a monthly First Friday Art Walk Thread on their own team discussion board. Then that thread gets copied and pasted into the AWETeam First Friday Art Walk event thread. This should be done every month, as early in the month as possible to give team members enough time to sign up and help promote the event.

Here is what you can copy and paste (Please make appropriate edits and additions to fit your team. Dates of events are listed above):

"Month and Date" First Friday ArtWalk Event Thread
Every First Friday of the month, the AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) hosts the First Friday Art Walk Weekend Blog Hop Event through their blog:

Our Etsy Team is participating and this thread is where our team members can list up to 4 items per month from their shop to show off their work for the First Friday Art Walk Weekend!

Here is a link to our team blog where you can learn more about our team:
(Add link to your team blog, website, facebook page, etc).

If you want to see an example of how to link up your shop, check out the July 2013 AWETeam FFAW Event Thread. Scroll down on page 1 and see how the Delaware Etsy Street Team linked up their team FFAW thread.


It is not a requirement that your shop or team run a promotion. The point of this First Friday event is to show off new work in your shop, not a flea market free for all for people to go through and get items cheap or on sale.

This is a great art event to get your new work out there!

If you choose to run a promotion in your shop, please make sure you clearly state the promotional details in your shop link up, either through the AWETeam event thread or your team event thread.
You may also want to update your shop "Info and Appearance" section for this monthly event to give details about your promotion.
1. Start and Stop Date of your promotion.
2. Checkout coupon code or promotion details (free shipping, percentage off, etc).
3. Also, to help promote the team and this event, please try to mention the "First Friday Art Walk" and link up here to the AWETeam blog.

~We have found that some shops like to have a "team" or "similar structure" coupon code that they can use.  For example, for the AWETeam, we suggested using:  AWEFFAW so that when you have a person using that code, you can recognize that they found your shop through a First Friday Art Walk event, and that this type of marketing through team participation is indeed helping to promote your shop.

Logo Images for the First Friday Art Walk

Whenever you use these, please also create an active link back to this blog.
Thank You to Elizabeth Worsley for designing this new logo and header for our blog.

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com 250 px

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com 200 px

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com 150 px

Grab the html code in the box below this image and add it as button for your blog sidebar and in any of your First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com related blog post.
In Blogger, you would add a "html gadget" on your layout page and past this code in there.

First Friday Art Walk Weekend
<div align="center"><a href="http://aweteam.blogspot.com" title="First Friday Art Walk Weekend"><img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EQ6g7SwoaxU/UTAbd690--I/AAAAAAAAGkM/YxxKZf6Vygg/s1600/1stFriday_ArtWalk_Button150px.jpg" alt="First Friday Art Walk Weekend" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


1. Our AWETeam has applied for the Etsy Team Fellowship Grant for February 2013 to help promote this First Friday Art Walk Team Event through the actual Etsy.com Team outlets to encourage more shop and team participation for 2013 and beyond.

2. We are interested in posting some follow-up, mid-month blog hop related posts showing off local First Friday Art Walk Related Events that happened locally.
~ Was your team on an Art Walk?
~ Were you, as a artist, on a local Art Walk?
~ Did your team host an event promoting Art?
If so, bring this up on the AWEteam discussion thread (either as an individual shop or as a team).

3. Ongoing AWETeam treasury collections showing off new items from AWETeam shops.

4. We are looking for ways to beautify the actual Art Walk instead of a bunch of links with logo images. This may be something we can improve upon if we have input from team members with things they have seen elsewhere. Keeping in mind that we need to set things up so that the technology connects things and we are not reliant upon team members to spend excess time linking up things.
We all want to spend our time creating our art and living life, not being trapped on the computer doing repetitive work that might be accomplished by a program.

So if you have ideas or comments, put them and links to the examples into the chat thread on the AWETeam or the AWETeams page.