Friday, January 25, 2013

Window Shopping Online for AWETeam

The AWETeam is currently working on a way for you to bookmark a page to come back and window shop for the latest items in our Team members shops. 
Click HERE to go to the AWETeam Member Shops page of our blog (or click the tab above).
Preview of the start of the AWETeam Member Shop Page 

This page is being updated with Etsy minis from individual shops on the AWETeam and as more shops join the team and submit their information correctly, more shops will be added.

If you want to be included on this, you must be a current member of the AWETeam.
Click HERE to join.
There are lots of great reasons for being a part of our team, this being just one of them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Friday Art Walk Team Treasuries

These treasuries are all created by members of our First Friday Art Walk Team (AWETeam) and include items from shops on the team.
by JCStrong

By TouchOfSilver

By 6CatsArt

By DixSterling

By DixSterling
Interested in seeing more of our AWETeam treasures? 
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Art Walk Etsy Team Updates

About this team (New as of January 16, 2013)

The First Friday Art Walk Team (AWETeam) is the official team hosting the the "First Friday Art Walk Weekend" on

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy was established in June 2009, with the formal AWE Team being established in September 2009 to promote and support Etsy sellers interested in showing off work in their shops for First Friday Art Walk.

The First Friday "event" happens over the weekend of the First Friday of every month. It is a visual tour of the new work of our team members. Some shops like to offer promotions during this time, others just want to get their work out there.

As we enter into 2013, the AWETeam is changing up the ways we approach the FFAW "event" and how our team promotes items. These efforts will in turn let us as a team promote this event and our member shops through our established social media outlets.

To make things flow easier, more organized and hopefully without a lot of stress to members, we are now creating posts a month in advance of First Friday, so we can all promote the team up until the deadline (The goal! The celebration! The weekend that beckons you out of your hole to see ART!), which is formally: First Friday Art Walk Weekend.

We are looking for members to join that are interested in not only promoting their work, but other team members work as well through treasuries, blog posts, social media outlets, and other ideas that may come about as technology advances and the promotional flow of proper changes. 

We need Members:
~That like to promote for upcoming trends and themes.
~That like are interested in helping re-establish this team and help it grow and possibly even as an event that proper would like to help promote on their calendar, blog and emails.
~That like to have a deadline to work towards to keep themselves creative and making new work and keep their shops fresh and new.
~That like to have their work seen, possibly purchased and promoted.
~That like to be part of team that starts to feel like extended family.

We do not need Members that:
~Post their items and disappear for months.
~Add the team tag to a few items, then never participate in team threads, events, etc.
We understand life gets the better of us at times, but please take just a moment to heart a few fellow member items. Heart, click, and comment on a few treasuries. 

You don't have to be on the ball 24/7 with this team. But a quick weekly checking-in and adding items, or hearting a few items, or commenting on a team treasury, etc, is highly recommended and greatly appreciated!

For more information about the the direction of the AWETeam and First Friday Art Walk Weekend on for 2013, please see this discussion thread:

To tweet FirstFridayArtWalk items add @AWEteam.

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Have questions? Please ask on our Forum's Chat Thread!

Team Captain:
Marsha of
Major Team Blog Contributor and 2013 Captain of AWETeam

Team Leaders:

#1. Michele of
Team Blog Creator, Team Leader/Forum Moderator

#2. Valerie of
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Friday, January 4, 2013

January First Friday Art Walk on

Welcome 2013!
And welcome to the January First Friday Art Walk Weekend post for the AWETeam on

The AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) is a group of people that sell their work on and have joined the team to help enhance the online Etsy community by sharing their passions: their work, and help to promote each others works by creating Etsy treasures and sharing work through various social media outlets.

Here are some AWE Team Treasuries followed with some individual shop items from some of our AWE Team members showing off their work for this month.
Dreaming of Summer Days by Dix Cutler
Fighting the January Freeze by RuthsArtWork
For more January 2013 featured items by members of the AWETeam (or to join the AWETeam),
Hop on over to our AWE Team page!