Monday, April 1, 2013

So, What is First Friday Art Walk on

Sometimes I feel like people keep asking me the same question.
What is First Friday Art Walk on Etsy?

If you want the details, we have an entire ABOUT page.
And if you read it, you will probably gloss over and just not "get it" because it is more than 140 characters long.
But there is a lot of info there you can go back and reference.
Sometimes you just have to jump in and try something...

Short and sweet:
The First Friday Art Walk is a "Blog Hop" event where a bunch of people that are selling their work on show off their new shop items (and maybe even run a special for the event).

In 2013 we clarified the question:
Where does "the event" happen?
It happens here, on the AWETeam blog.
The AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) is the founding team that started this monthly event.

When does it happen?
Over the First Friday Weekend of every month.
PS - Lots of links on the site bar of this blog (not mobile view).

Why did this event start?
People selling on wanted a regular event where they could show off their new work.
So the AWETeam was formed from a couple of great women...
It has changed over the years due to team & forum changes, leadership and technology.

And we now work the entire month leading up to First Friday by posting new work in the thread, creating Treasuries, and sharing things socially. Then when First Friday rolls around, all the work is done and we can all just sit back and click and cruise all the cool work & maybe get something great out of it!

What is an "Art Walk"?
Traditionally, Art Walks or Art Loops happen locally on the First Friday of every month here in the U.S. where galleries and shops host a small "Opening Celebration" for their new show for that next month. 
Lots of people come and see the work, enjoy beverages and finger foods and of course: ART!

Why should you join this event?
If you have a shop on and you want to market your work and do it in a way that will also give you a supportive network of fellow Etsians to work together with,
this is a great event to join in on.
For individual shops:
The AWETeam has a team Pinterest Account.
#AWETeam, #FirstFridayEtsy #FFAW @FirstFridayEtsy
And of course, this blog...

Why should your Location or Theme Team join?
This gives your team a monthly event to participate in.
You can market the Art Walk to upcoming trends, local events, holidays, celebrations, etc.
It gives your members an actual deadline to get new work listed.
So there is motivation.

Not to mention that individual shops and teams get exposure through cross promoting,
especially the week leading up to the First Friday Art Walk Weekend.

Want to get your Team involved?

Really, it is simple to join up for a Team.
1. Join the FFAWW Team for Teams.
2. Create a thread on your team board the month prior to the event.
3. Link the thread up to our blog hop (link in private thread).
4. Get team members involved:
~Each shop adds 4 items from their shop
~They can create team treasuries 
~They can share and promote via social media.

Who sees the Art Walk Blog Hop?
Anyone that clicks on links to this blog can find the First Friday Art Walk Posts.
Those posts contain links to:

This has the potential to grow exponentially.
It is a seed that is planted in the soil, waiting for a bit of rain and sunshine.

You should join in and watch this Art Walk Garden grow!

Click and join: Shops or Teams
Then help promote and get more people to
Click and Blog Hop this Art Walk!

See you back here on April 5, 2013 for the three posts for First Friday Art Walk Weekend!

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