Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FirstFridayEtsy on Pinterest

Our AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) has a new Pinterest board!

Members just have to ask on the team Pinterest thread to be added.

And individual shops can also have a board where they can add new items.

What other themed boards would you like to see?
Would you like to see boards for each of the teams involved in First Friday Art Walk Weekend?

Etsy individual shops, get involved with the AWETeam.
Teams - get a leader or captain to get your team involved HERE.

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  1. Marsha, the Pinterest boards are such fun and such a great way to see work. Love all of them. The Artist Studio Space board is a great place to see what artists are doing in their studios.
    We even have our Tresuries posted on the boards. These Pinterest boards have greatly enriched members's opportunities to promote each others and themselves. So glad you set this up in such a comprehensive fashion.


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