Thursday, May 2, 2013

#FirstFridayEtsy on Instagram

Do you have Instagram?
If you have a smart phone, most likely you've downloaded this app.

We're trying to keep up with the times and see how to integrate things with our Art Walk Etsy Team and social media outlets to keep our members connected by using #FirstFridayEtsy.

This could be a great way to show off what our Team members are working on in their creative spaces, what they are inspired by, and where they are at - checking out artwork (a show, a gallery, wherever).

If you are one of our AWETeam members, we would love to have you participate!

And with any media, please make sure to give artist credit to appropriate works (you can add text to your image with various apps before uploading it to Instagram).

Since this is brand new to our team, let's see how this plug-in works for showing off the feed (does it update automatically or is it static? It's starting out on 5/2/13 with one image by Marsha Neal Studio - but is set up to show off 3 x4 photos = 12 images total).


  1. We still don't have smart is enough for me to try to keep up with!

    1. Marti - I refused to get an iPhone for over a year because I wanted to be able to take photos and blog directly (they came out with an app for that - lol). Then I didn't want to pay the "then" $70 a month because I didn't really text or do much on the internet. But once I got one and had it set up, I very rarely ever turn on my computer. It's one of those things that once you get one, you wonder what you ever did without it.

      But then again - technology is changing SO fast...

      If you know someone with one, ask them to take a photo of you and or your work and use the #FirstFridayEtsy and post it to instagram and you'll show up in the feed :)

  2. Looks like these little gadgets set up by html with the #firstfridayetsy automatically update. That will be pretty cool! And screen shots will be needed for static posts. Good to know!

    If you are out seeing art this weekend for a First Friday Art Walk or Loop, or at a arts and craft show (or similar event) - Post your Instagram! It's fun to keep up with each other like this!


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