Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections and Aspirations

As the New Year approaches, many of us reflect back on the year, taking note of our successes, joys, shortcomings...I believe we do this in anticipation of shaping our year ahead, for our business/professional lives, and for our personal lives. We hope for the upcoming year to be better than the year we are leaving behind, whatever our definition of better is.
Fragment, Winter Walk II
The AWEteam has gone through many changes over the last year. We have many new members! We've forged new friendships, both in person and online. We've experienced successes, individually and as a team! Our Mother's Day Giveaway was a great success and was greeted with much enthusiasm! Our blog was born, and met positive reaction. Some AWEteam members have met their Etsy sales goals for the year.

As Etsy changed to format of teams, so has our team changed...we've rolled with it, embraced it. We've lost some members on the way, many remained, and many joined us!

We look forward to the coming year...building more friendships, working together to achieve goals, and supporting each other in our endeavors! It would be fabulous to see AWEteam members join forces regionally, where possible at shows, etc to help promote Etsy, and our team! We also are looking to move the blog forward, and hopefully have some awesome surprises along the way! We will continue to WOW you with treasuries, and great Etsy shops, and fabulous First Friday Art Walks!

With that, we leave behind 2010, and look forward to the beginning of the second decade of the new millenium!

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
The AWEteam


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful article and efforts in 2010. I'm looking forward to seeing what the AWE Team will accomplish in 20ll.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wishing us all the mental clarity and inner strength to make the choices & changes we really want to make in the coming year!


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