Sunday, February 24, 2013

Integrating Into Etsy Teams

The AWETeam is an Etsy Team.
Art Walk Etsy Team to be precise.

And although this team is not run by,
All of the people on the team sell their work through their own shops on

Members have joined the AWETeam to promote their artwork and the work of other team members.
All with a monthly team sponsored event goal in mind:

The Girls Original Serigraph by BFHughes

This monthly event happens over the First Friday Weekend of every month.

That's 12 events in a year.
12 deadlines for every member on the team to get themselves pulled together.

And the rest of the time, you can spend doing what you love to do...
Painting by JCStrong 

In 2013, the AWETeam is getting organized to open this event up to teams:
By giving them their own blog posts for First Friday Art Walk.
This will allow people to pick what kind of art they want to see:
1. Individual shops members from the AWETeam.
2. Location Based Teams.
3. Theme Based Teams.

March 2013 will be the first integration of all three Team posts for the First Friday Art Walk Event.
It will be considered a "soft run" to iron out the details.

We're hoping to move into full-on promotion for the April 5-7, 2013 First Friday Art Walk Weekend with the help of Etsy Teams.

So grab your favorite handmade mug and fill it with your beverage of choice...
PorcelainJazz Handmade Stoneware Mug

Get your thoughts together and get your inspirational "to do" list written... 
JDaviesReazor Mixed Media Collage

Having these 12 First Friday Art Walk Event deadlines gives every person plenty of time to plan ahead for participation.

 Don't leave your listing updates until the last minute.
There is always next month too.
Don't stress.
Art Walking is fun!

Get yourself into the routine of planning ahead.
Give your shop a visual overhaul.

All of these little steps to make your shop successful for the upcoming season.

Vintage Book from CarriesAttic
The next First Friday Art Walk Weekend Event is next weekend:
March 1-3, 2013.

How are you preparing?
Art Walking is about seeing awesome art and hanging out with friends!
Join us for some fun...

Individual shop owners: 

Location and Theme Based Teams - Give your Team an Event to look forward to!
Get the Team Captain or Leader to sign up:


  1. Looking good! Love the Shamrocks!

  2. Love The Girls. Kept chickens years ago - really relate to this print!


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