Friday, March 1, 2013

Theme Teams March 2013 First Friday Art Walk

Welcome to the Theme Teams
First Friday Art Walk Blog Post
March 1-3, 2013

Every month the AWETeam (Art Walk Etsy Team) hosts
First Friday Art Walk on

This is a blog hop type event where shops selling items on can show off their new work.
There are three hops on First Friday, all with their own blog post so you can cruise your interest in the order that you want. 

2. Theme Based Teams (You are here!)
3. Location Based Teams 

Here are the teams that have signed up for this month (links may not be seen in email version).

If you are an location or theme based team leader, and would like to get your team involved, please join our First Friday Art Walk Team (For Teams).

If you are an seller and would like to participate, please join our AWETeam.

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  1. It was great to check out your team threads! If you happen to create a team blog post about First Friday showing off some of your team member items, link it up to this thread, and also adding your team blog post link into your Team Discussion thread for the March 1st Friday so people can click there and comment on your wonderful items and team participation!

    Thank You guys for getting involved! This is going to be fun to work on with you for the upcoming months and across Etsy itself!


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