Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Get Your Etsy Shop Involved

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to take a quick minute to give a little insight on why and how to get your Etsy shop involved in our First Friday Art Walk Weekend.

First - What is this First Friday Event?
Simply - this is a date - a goal - something we all can put on our calendar and give ourselves something to look forward to every month to help promote our Etsy shops and our "Art".

It is a celebration and a gathering of people from all over the world that are trying to live their lives in some creative way and express their interests and get noticed.

This First Friday Art Walk Weekend "Event" is basically a monthly blog post on First Friday where we link up to our "Event" discussion thread on our team page. Our members have listed items from their shops in that event page, and over the weeks prior to First Friday are helping to promote each other through Etsy treasury collections and social media outlets.

If you are just visiting here - looking for something special to buy, looking for inspiration, looking for some retail therapy - then you know that over the First Friday of every month, you can stop by and see a bunch of cool work (art work, supplies to make artwork, vintage collectable items). You can click on the blog post for First Friday, and simply click through to the "event" thread on our Etsy Team page.

And WHY should you get your Etsy shop involved?
If you are an Etsy seller, making your own work, selling supplies to make work, or vintage collectable items, you are welcome to join our Art Walk Etsy Team (AWETeam) and add up to 4 items from your shop to our monthly "event" thread.

We also have discussion threads designated to specific colors, themes, seasons, etc where you can add a few items from your shop every so often (just don't be spammy).

Our team members enjoy making AWETeam Treasuries featuring at least 50% AWETeam members.
This helps to spread the word about the AWETeam and will hopefully get new shops to join our team and participate in the monthly event thread.

We have social media outlets:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Pinterest
4. Instagram using #FirstFridayEtsy

And our team members use:

And all of our members are invited to post an Etsy Mini of their shop for our Team Members Shops page. This page is like virtual window shopping at any time during the month!

So what are you waiting for?
You should get your Etsy shop involved and participate every month to celebrate this Art Walk…

PS - Always get out and check out your local art scene too!
We have a page designated for local art walks and would love to add yours (just comment below and we'll do what we can!)

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