Sunday, September 27, 2015

Square Social Media Images for the AWETeam

The Art Walk Etsy Team (AWETeam) has so many talented artists selling their work through and we all have joined this team in order to help get our handmade work seen through our once a month online First Friday Art Walk Weekend Event.

Here are some images that can be used to help promote this monthly event through social media.

If you are savvy enough, please have them link back here to our AWETeam blog:

And you are welcome to put the upcoming "event" dates (the First Friday of the month + Saturday and Sunday). Because things on the internet are out there forever, it is probably a good idea to also put the year.

Here are some of our social media tags:

And to communicate with our team:

When First Friday rolls around, we will have a blog post up with the current monthly "event" thread where our AWETeam members have linked up to 4 items from their shop so you can check them out!

And we always ask that if there is a regular First Friday, Second Saturday, etc type Art Loop event in your area locally, please put a link to that Art Loop website in the comments and we will get our "Local Art Walk" blog page updated.

Thanks for supporting handmade artists work (and vintage items, and supplies to make handmade - which by the way was the original motive behind that this team was established upon).

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