Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spotlight on AWEsome! Jade Dumpling Sushi Instructions

Welcome back!  This is the 3rd part of the Interview with Susan, from Jade Dumpling!  Today, she share with us her obsession with Sushi!  Read on!!

I Love Sushi Pendant Necklace

So to further indulge my obsession with sushi—you have to check out these two YouTube videos!  How to Make Sushi
the above link shows you how to make a traditional hand-squeezed sushi
How to Make an Inside Out California Roll
this one shows you how to make an inside out California roll!

Making sushi at home is actually really easy. You need to get a bamboo sushi mat which is kind of like a little mini placemat, you use this to roll up your sushi.
You also need the Nori- which is made of seaweed and algae which sound kind of funky, but is really tasty and actually quite good for you.
The last ingredient that you may need to buy in an Asian store is the sushi vinegar.
I think making the rice is the hardest part. You need to buy special sushi rice, which is different from regular rice. It is more sticky and almost sweet tasting! I always use a rice steamer then dump the batch of rice into a large bowl. Above the bowl I have a cute little fan that I blow cool air on the rice.
With a wooden paddle I pour a few capfuls of the vinegar in the rice and with sort of a cutting motion incorporate the seasoning and cool the rice down quickly.
The fun part is choosing what to stick inside your rolls. My favorite is smoked salmon and cream cheese. Sometimes this is called a Philly roll! I love to try new foods- last week I ate a jellyfish and shark fin sushi- it was well chewy but good!!

Many thanks to Susan of Jade Dumpling for taking to chat with us,   and share her Sushi making skills!
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  1. I think I could do the salmon and cream cheese. Sounds delicious! Thanks for part three.

  2. Same here Glenna! I could do the salmon and cream cheese, and that's about and fish don't always get along!


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