Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabulous Finds V

Sunday mug in hand...enjoying the exquisite luxury of perusing my favorite online art galleries...looking for Fabulous Finds among the art listings of the AWEteam members. The colors in this treasury depict "Joy", to me. Be sure to read the quote by Blake on Joy...essentially, "if you cling to memories of past joys you miss present joys". Take a bit of time on this quieter morning to visit the individual galleries, and please sign the guest book, e.g., leave a comment including your name and website if you have one. Thanks for your visit, and be sure to come back frequently! ~ Sarah


  1. To post a widget of this treasury to your blog see the following link, and follow the easy-to-read instructions!

  2. Love this treasury because of the beauty and sentiments behind the art. Thank you for sharing:

  3. all these works are visually stunning, thought I find myself drawn to sunrises...each day is a new beginning worthy of celebration!


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